What ever you have in mind, however you wish to transform your staircase, J.V Oak Railings and Stairs have the experience, and unique style sense that keeps customers referring our business for the past 30 years. We pride on our quality workman ship that we put into our work weather its custom brand new or the complete transformation of an old existing carpet grade staircase, we have the right answers for you. Yes, we have special knowledge on how to completely transform a new or old carpet grade staircase to a brand new hardwood staircase, right on site.We not only provide the best grades from solid oak, but customers have the options to choose any species available.


J.V. Oak Railings is Known for providing perfectly well designed railings whether it is metal, glass or wood. Our updated styles of handrails and custom made at our shop in Scarbrough, Ontario. Unlike other companies that use CNC machines to create hand railings piece by piece joint handrails J.V creates Beautiful custom hand made curve one piece hand railings up to 16ft long no joins, sanded to perfection so you don''t only see its perfection you can feel it too.